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Fleet Program

Let us keep your fleet moving! 

Keep your drivers safe with regular preventative maintenance.

Reduce operational costs with our fleet discount and monthly billing.

Boost productivity and reduce downtime. We have extended evening hours.

Increase fuel mileage with service exclusive to Lucas Oil products.

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Bulk Oils

Ensure your fleet vehicles are running at their best with our bulk engine oil services. We offer a wide range of oils to meet the needs of all types of vehicles.

Available in:

5-gallon tote

55-gallon drum


Fluid Analysis

Maintenance recommendations are critical tools for making important business decisions about valuable equipment. Routine fluid testing with POLARIS Laboratories® helps you stay on top of and manage the risk to your equipment and your overall efficiency. Their reliable, accurate testing, expert analysis, and best-in-class data management software will keep you one step ahead of catastrophic failures.

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White Minibuses

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